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Surface hardening results that considerably increase the products' resistance to wear are obtained using bathing (dipping) or casting (floating technologies. It is also possible to produce water repellent or no fog coatings intended to prevent and slow down the formation of conśdensation or to prevent surface misting.
LENTI interprets both the dipping and the flow coating tecnologies by the use of extremely sophisticated technologies: plants that work in environments where a virtually zero contamination level is mantained (clean rooms), an indispensable factor for obtaining the best properties of optical purity in the product.
"Dipping & Flow-coating" Processes
Then the use of management and control data processing systems born directly from the company's specialist experience and know-how has proved to be strategic, computerised technologies taht allow the phases of the production cycles to be optimised and constantly controlled in order to meet the quality patrameters.
Management of both treatment technologies and the use of extremely versatile automated machinery aow the company to develop quality production and, at the same time, to be very flexible in the shapes, product typs, rhytms and supply dynamics.
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