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Vacuum Depositing Processes
These delicate and special processes of aesthetic enhancement of the products have been acquired by important experience in the spectacle sector, applying specialist techniques that have required significant structural investments.
Technological resources able to ensure colour balance and complete respect for the optical qualities of the product.
In this case, too, the use of computerised systems is a fundamental aid, making it possible to constantly  monitor an extremely precise production process, where the deposit of surface microfilm is of the order of infinitesimal values (milionths of a millimetre)
The production process that uses vacuum depositing of surface coatings of metal or dieletric materials, the latter based on the use of titanium and silicon oxides for chromatic and non-reflecting effect, allow LENTI, with authoriy, to make and manage spectacles with bright or pastel colours, in the tune with the trends of style, fasions and market demands
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